Throat Tonic

Lemon, juicer, ginger, and honey. YUM!

1 small to medium lemon
1 thick slice fresh ginger – peeled and cut into small pieces
local raw honey
8 oz. boiling water

1. Put kettle on to boil
2. Roll lemon on counter with palm of your hand applying pressure. This helps release the juice from the pulp.
3. Cut lemon in half and juice with hand juicer (both halves)
4. Pull out seeds
5. Pour juice into mug
6. Put ginger pieces into same mug
7. Pour boiling water into mug
8. Let steep 5 minutes
9. Add honey to taste (Do not skip the honey! It is essential to this remedy and DO NOT use any alternatives!)
10. Enjoy

This is our go-to for the yucks. For the adults- a shot of brandy or cognac added is a great comfort for those flu-like symptoms. :)

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