Spot Light: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

You’ve heard all about coconut oil. What do you use it for? Does it really work? I have compiled a list of things that we personally as a family have used it for (and keep using it for, because it WORKS!):

The obvious:
frying (coconut oil can handle up to 450 F without burning)

Not so obvious:
Anti-itch (takes care of any itch within seconds!)
Poison Oak (3 days and my son’s poison oak was gone!)
Athlete’s Foot (wipes it out!)
anti-biotic ointment
eye-makeup remover (waterproof mascara wipes right off)
facial cleanser (awesome for acne!)
facial moisturiser
body moisturiser
sun protectant (natural SPF 20)
after sun (neutralizes free radicals produced in the skin from UV rays.)

I also use it in:
moisturising bars
quick candles (all you need is a wick and a container, burns longer)

Coconut oil is not a cure-all, but you can use it for so many things, it’s pretty darned close! I keep a jar in my pantry and one in my bathroom at all times. With all the practical uses, why not keep it in your pantry?

To check out more uses, or to just find out more about it, check out

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