Sore Throat, Stuffy Head/Nose, Dry Mouth

stuffy nose

Sore throat, stuffy head/nose, mouth dry from breathing through it (sleeping or awake); allergy season is upon us in full force. Yuck! There are some great homeopathic allergy and sinus remedies out there. I haven’t found one that doesn’t work. Mother’s Cupboard has a great selection if you are in the Spokane, Spokane Valley, or Liberty Lake area. They even offer Xlear sinus rinse packets and both neti pots or sinus rinse bottles. These are great for overall, long lasting relief, but how to get relief now? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Put some water in a pot/saucepan
  2. Bring water to boil
  3. Inhale steam

Steam can burn so please, be careful! Simply place your face over the pot/saucepan into the steam, open your mouth (especially if you’ve been breathing through it) and breathe in. This will get the moisture back into your throat and lungs. The heat from the steam will also open up those nasal passages. This moisture is important because when you breathe through your nose, your nasal membranes are moist and warm and moisturise the air coming into your lungs. The lungs need to stay moist to help protect it against invaders. When you breathe through your mouth it dries out your throat and lungs leaving them very vulnerable to dryness and particulates that your nose filters out.

Once your nasal passages are open, you can gently (I said gently) blow your nose to get some of that gook out. You want to gently blow, your membranes are already inflamed and blowing hard will cause them to swell more causing more stuffiness without the gook. Try to get enough gook out that you have a somewhat clear passage. Now, go get your neti pot or sinus rinse bottle. If you don’t have these a saline mister spray bottle will work (these can be found at any drug store for about 5 bucks). The saline spray can be used several times a day and is not addictive. Saline is an astringent and not only kills any infection on contact, it also helps to lubricate and calm those inflamed membranes. You can also use colloidal silver, or the Xlear spray. Okay, so back to the neti pot or sinus rinse. If you don’t want to spend the money (or can’t) on the packets:

1 cup warm distilled or filtered water (check temp on inside of wrist like a baby bottle) DO NOT microwave. Use the stove to warm it.
¼ to ½ tsp salt
Stir or shake to dissolve

This can be used in the neti pot or the sinus rinse bottle. Be sure to check the temperature; too hot or too cold and it will hurt. Do this twice a day. Just rinsing your nose twice a day can help you to enjoy the outdoors during allergy season without all the gook. (Rinse at least one hour before bed.) Once you start rinsing regularly, your need for the homeopathic remedies will be minimal, not only saving your sanity but your pocket book as well.

If you are not in the Spokane area, Whole Foods carries most of these or you can usually find them at your local health food store (they can usually order them if they don’t stock them).

But if you cannot find them locally, you can buy them here:
Homeopathic allergy sinus relief can be found here (allergy) and here (sinus)
Xlear nasal spray can be found here
Colloidal Silver can be found here
Neti pots can be found here
Sinus rinse bottle or kit can be found here (bottle) or here (kit)
Xlear nasal wash packets (can be used in neti pot or sinus rinse bottle) found here
Saline Nasal Spray can be found here

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