GF/ Allergy Friendly Restaurants in the Spokane Valley Area

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Hey! We have been in this area for almost 9 months now. We don’t eat out much, but when we do, we like to go to restaurants that are friendly to our gluten free diet. In case you are new to the area, a gluten free diet or maybe you just go to the same place because you don’t know anywhere else to go, I thought I’d throw out a list of restaurants in this area that I have personally experienced.

Outback Steakhouse – Yes, this is a chain and they offer a gluten free menu at all their locations. The staff is also very knowledgeable about the diet and can make suggestions. You can also download the gluten free menu off their website

PF Changs – This is another chain that offers a gluten free menu at all their locations, and the food is delish! Their website offers a copy of the gluten free menu. They also serve the gluten free meals on special plates (so you know that they were paying attention!) PF Changs has gluten free soy sauce, too.

Red Lobster – This chain goes a step further and offers an allergy list and what allergies, if any, their dishes may have.

Qdoba is another chain that is gf/allergy friendly. I have never really asked the staff about the gluten free items but their website has a drop down menu that you can click on. It says “show me ingredients that are:”  vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and wheat free, or you can view the whole list of allergies and ingredients. You just need to be careful that there is no cross contamination from any of the other items that are not gluten free.

Red Robin – They have a gluten free menu. Their website also has the option of building your personal allergen menu. They offer Udi’s gluten free buns or lettuce wrap on any of their buns. Most of their toppings are naturally gluten free, but don’t forget to check on the sauces… if I remember correctly, the gluten free menu tells you which sauces are safe.

5 Guys Burgers – These guys don’t have anything listed gluten free in the restaurant itself but you can download their nutrition and allergen information as a PDF. When you look at it, you will notice there are only 3 items on the whole menu that have gluten (even their hot dogs are gluten free!) You can order any item lettuce wrapped and their french fries are fresh cut from potatoes. Their fryers only fry the french fries. So, if you are craving a good burger and fries….  A word of warning to those with peanut allergies though, DO NOT COME ANYWHERE NEAR HERE!!! They have peanuts as you enter and they fry in peanut oil.

Toro Sushi is independently owned and the sushi chefs are pretty knowledgeable about what ingredients have gluten. They also love being creative and substituting to make an item gluten free. They also have gluten free soy sauce. They give you a bowl of Miso soup, but I haven’t checked on that yet. Miso sometimes has gluten sometimes not. So, be careful with that….

These are the restaurants that I personally have tried and can vouch for. If you know of any, please feel free to comment below and let us all know.

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