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pie crust

If you are like me, you love pies! But pie crust and gluten free do not mix well. I was diagnosed with celiac in the fall of 1998. I have searched far and wide for a “decent” pie crust. Substitution just doesn’t work in this setting. After much travail and trashing many pies, I have found a pie crust that is very good, not just decent. I found this a couple years ago. We saw it on the shelf of the grocery store and my husband had to talk me into buying it. I was always so disappointed and I didn’t want to relive that feeling. So, I bought it. It is a very easy mix. It is flaky and holds together well. It’s not Gramma’s pie crust, but I highly suggest you try it!

Ingredients you should use:
I would substitute the butter for grass fed butter, Kerrygold is a good brand, it has naturally occurring Vitamin K2, check out my article on Vitamin K2 and it’s benefits.

I would also use Palm Shortening for the shortening, it has some pretty good benefits as well and is actually food unlike Crisco. (Check out the book, Death by Food Pyramid to understand the beginnings of Crisco and why we shouldn’t consume it.)

You could also use lard or tallow (grass fed preferably for that naturally occurring Vitamin K2) that does not have BHT or BHA added. Read the labels!!!

For the apple cider vinegar, make sure you get it raw and unfiltered. Bragg is my go-to brand. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has pre and probiotics. It has shown helpful in many stomach ailments.

Where to find it:

  • Spokane – I have not found this here yet. I’ll have to check Yoke’s or Huckleberry’s again.
  • Reno – just about everyone carries it, Walmart in the gluten free section, Whole Foods, to name a couple
  • Chico – I’m sure you can find it at S&S and possibly Raley’s or Save Mart.
  • Paradise – Holiday Foods carries a good selection of gluten free items.

I always encourage supporting your local vendors, but if you cannot find it in your area, you can buy it here.

If you find it in your area, please email me and I can list it for others to find.

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