For those that have received a SCOBY from me, here is the ratio for proper kombucha fermentation:

  • 1 gallon filtered water
  • 1 cup sugar (can be organic or just plain white sugar)
  • 8 black tea bags (oolong and green tea are okay)
  • 2 cups starter or apple cider vinegar

DO list:

  1. Use glass jar to brew
  2. Cover with close weave cloth and rubberband
  3. Keep at room temp in a dark corner
  4. Leave tea to ferment 5-14 days.
  5. Taste with straw to desired flavor

DO NOT list:

  1. Use plastic, ceramic, metal to brew
  2. Use cheesecloth to cover, too loose a weave
  3. Leave in direct sun
  4. Use herbal teas (properties of tea will kill SCOBY)
  5. Use raw honey, stevia, or artificial sweeteners to sweeten tea (raw honey and stevia will kill SCOBY, sugar is what she eats, she cannot eat artificial sweeteners including sucralose)
    Complete list of Do’s and Don’ts

What is Kombucha good for?

  • It is fantastic for healing your gut! Read here.
  • Drink 30 minutes before eating to help fill you up and cause you to eat less.
  • Drink after meal to help with digestion troubles.
  • People report less joint pain. Read here

How much?
Start with 2 to 4 oz of kombucha twice a day and drink with lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Work up to 8 oz twice a day, or however much your body wants and as often as you want!

I heard…
There are some rumors and questions surrounding Kombucha. Let me see if I can help you with any of them…

  1. It has alcohol in it.
    Yes, anything fermented has alcohol content. It has approximately the same alcohol as those non-alcoholic beers out there. So, if you drink 12 oz of O’Douls and get drunk, you might want to stay away from kombucha. It is also not recommended for recovering alcoholics. Some tolerate it, some slip back into alcoholism, so not recommended.
  2. You can get really sick from fermented foods.
    Yes, you can. But it is very rare and only a sick SCOBY or uncovered SCOBY will get you sick. There are so many people out there drinking their own brewed batches of kombucha, I personally haven’t heard of anyone landing in the hospital from drinking it. And you know it would be all over the news!!!
  3. Other questions answered

If you have heard any other rumors or have any questions, let me know! I will be happy to help you find the answer! :)

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