Croupy Yucky Nasty Throat

Lemon, juicer, ginger, and honey. YUM!

It hurts to swallow, can’t talk, uhhh…. It hurts to even breathe! Then, you cough. Not only is it excruciatingly painful, it sounds as if you have somehow transformed into a dog! Ehh! That is what my son woke up to this morning at 4:30. What to do?!?

Well, after I deciphered his flailing arms and him grabbing at his throat, we ventured into the kitchen:
You need a pot or pan with about an inch of water in the bottom and a hand-towel. Put pan onto boil. As soon as the water boils, pull off the heat and set on the counter (use a hot pad, no need to melt the Formica). Drape the towel over the head and lean over pan allowing steam to hit face. Breathe through mouth. Beware – steam can burn! Breathe in steam for 20-30 seconds, step back 10 seconds, repeat. After a couple minutes, relief, ahhh… A spoonful of honey (sorry Mary Poppins, not sugar) and it was back to bed. Seven minutes start to finish – whew! Later, I prepared my Throat Tonic and then woke him up. He drank it, took a hot steamy shower, and then, a puff on his inhaler, all better.

On a side note – my son has gotten this croupy yuck since he was a toddler. I got him checked out by a doctor the very first time this reared its ugly head. He was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed an inhaler. This croupy yuck is how my son’s asthma chooses to manifest. Asthma is a very serious and deadly disease and should not be taken lightly! If your child ever has any trouble breathing – GET THEM TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!! You are their best and only advocate!!

To learn more about asthma click here.

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