About Us

Hello! Welcome to Wholly Health! We have recently moved from the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California to the eastern side of Washington in the Spokane Valley. Your health is our passion! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. To subscribe or sign up for emails about our recent postings, enter your information on the side bar under Subscribe to our Newsletter, or you can email us under the Contact Us tab and we will gladly add you to our list.


Mission Statement

                                                                   Wholly Health
Empowering & educating people to improve their health and lives through natural remedies.



Amy Holland created Wholly Health after receiving her certificates as a Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist. Natural remedies and nutrition have been a passionate hobby for decades. She was diagnosed with celiac after several years of ailment in October 1998. Her love of cooking and all things tasty have helped her develop some tasty gluten free dishes. Her knowledge of other food allergy/intolerances spurred her to help others learn how to cook delicious dishes using substitute items. She believes that we can live and eat healthy without  feeling like we are “giving up” comfort foods.



Wholly Health is mainly service oriented. We offer consulting on health issues for those frustrated with being sick and not getting answers or not getting better; newly diagnosed with celiac or other gluten issues; or for those who just want some pointers on how to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Natural Remedies:
Edible remedies vary from tinctures to fermented foods, and we also offer non-edible remedies such as moisturizing bars for pain, baby products, drawing salves, mouthwash for sensitive teeth and many other items. All natural remedies are tailor made, personally by Amy. We get our supplies and herbs from reputable companies (located in the U.S as much as possible) that go above and beyond for not only our physical health but our environmental health as well.