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For those that have received a SCOBY from me, here is the ratio for proper kombucha fermentation: 1 gallon filtered water 1 cup sugar (can be organic or just plain white sugar) 8 black tea bags (oolong and green tea are okay) 2 cups starter or apple cider vinegar DO list: Use glass jar to […]

once burnt on food

Burnt on Food

I don’t know about you, but I hate scrubbing burnt pans! Fortunately, they don’t come along very often. I was wondering what to write about for my next post (the only downfall to blogging…) when it hit me. I have to tell you about the easiest way to clean a pan with burnt on food. […]

home made enzymer

Home-made Enzymes

I got turned onto enzymes when I went to a party. The company was a “clean” cleaning products company. They had microfiber cloths, and all kinds of cleansers that had essential oils and their toilet cleaner was enzymes. Well, I didn’t really want to pay as much as they wanted for such a little bottle. […]